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Flexible Lesson Options

At M & M Piano Studio, you are covered from your first lesson up to the highest levels of performance.

We guarantee that we offer an educational experience for life, and that you will never worry about finding a new teacher to take you further.

Competitive Track

Designed for the most ambitious students, this option offers the most specialized training available in the Front Range. Students who elect this package receive 36 one-hour lessons per school year, and are eligible to compete in local, state, and national competitions.

Performance Track

Designed for students that want the accountability and enjoyment of live performance, this track includes performance opportunities throughout the year, including recitals, festivals, and master classes. Students enrolled in the track are eligible for 36 one-hour lessons per year, and are required to perform in at least four non-competitive events per year.

Enjoyment Track

Designed for students that desire to understand, enjoy, and create music for personal enjoyment. Lessons are primarily focused on cultivating a deeper appreciation of music through fun pieces and less rigorous technical and performance demands.